by Seance

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released October 3, 2016

Ryan Croll - Vocals
Alberto Marroquin - Guitar
Pierce Webster - Bass
Ginno Tacsiat - Drums

A special thanks to our friends and those who have supported us from the start who we are eternally grateful for. You know who you are. A big thank you to Jason from Killing a Sound Records for helping us with the release of Introspection and being nothing but helpful and patient.

Recorded at Bright Lights Studio with Rollie Ulug
Mixed and mastered by Elmo Arteaga



all rights reserved


Seance San Diego, California

Crossover from San Diego

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Track Name: Under the Knife
Cover the earth
With the blood of my enemies

I tried and tried, to let you slide
Concealed all of my hatred
You fanned a fire you can't put out
And now the bridge is burnt between us

And now you're cut off

You made the mistake of pushing me over the edge
When I have nothing to lose

Now you'll be the one who carries the cross
The one who feels the flames kissing their feet
Now you'll be the one under the knife
And you're dead fucking wrong if you thought you could bury me

Victory and perseverance will be mine
Now you're under the knife
Track Name: You Conformed
You say you get me, you talk down to me and you fake your sympathy
You say you don't know how we haven't met

How we're the same from a different seed
But there's a difference between you and me
I never changed, you fucking conformed

All you do is follow blindly
Content with your spot in line
You've plead your case, you spoke your mind
You tried to make yourself the black sheep
But I will never be one of you and you will never fucking be like me

You conformed

I will never be one of you and you'll never fucking be like me

Put on your mask, sell your soul and follow blindly behind the next
You've made this choice on the path of life now walk with shame
Far away from me
Track Name: The End of Humanity
Cancer, plague, death and decay
Spending, using their lives away
A cesspool of vermin, squirming in their own waste
Putrid disgust for the human race

A memory lies in shambles in my mind
Taking me back to a better time
Where it was mind over matter and not money over all of mankind
The material world has left all of us blind

You have only yourself to blame, disgracing everything we love
Casting this earth to the fucking fire

This is the end of all life, the end of all that you know
I can't drown out the chaos of this fleeting world
I'll find comfort, I'll find solace in a box six feet below

No one is coming to save us
The world won't end with a bang
All that's left to hear is cries of the tormented
The world we once loved and knew is set ablaze
Track Name: Nile
Stability is a dying light, comfort is something I can't afford
The question lies within the chaos, are you willing to give all of what is yours for the progression of your life?
To fight and steal, to make it through the night
Do whatever it takes, do what you have to
Destroy all opposition it's better them than you

If you saw life through my eyes, your soul would try to escape from the inside
I just want things to be better, why can't I get my shit together? Im tired of writhing in my fucking pain
I'm going insane

It's hard to be a winner when you're stuck on the sidelines, bound by chains behind the bars of life
I'm lifting the boot off of my fucking neck and I'm taking back what's mine

My life